Hard Water Hard Problems


Many know there are two types of water, hard and soft. In certain areas of the United States, hard water is unavoidable; but did you know that problems can arise from the use of hard water? These difficulties can be frustrating, but don’t throw in the towel quite yet. There are certain signs and issues for which hard water may be the culprit.

  • Different Taste or Smell in Water

Hard water may have a metallic or a dirt taste and cam smell like rotten eggs. The taste can be from the water containing too much iron. The smell can be explained by hydrogen sulfide gas or bacteria reacting with magnesium.

  • Spotty dishware

If you notice that your dishwasher isn’t giving you clean dishes, hard water could be to blame. The combination of heat and the minerals found in hard water results in spotty, dull looking dishes. If hard water is to blame, your dishes are still safe to eat from, but they may be unsightly to look at.

  • Stains

Along with your dishes not getting clean, you could notice brown or reddish stains on your porcelain fixtures. The stains may look like rust. The iron in your water could be coming from rusty pipes and will be very hard to get rid of. Vinegar is a temporary fix, but until the hard water problem is fixed, these issues will keep coming back.

  • Dry skin or hair

Minerals found in hard water can build up in your hair, making it difficult to get a full, thorough rinse. After washing and rinsing, hair may feel dry, filmy or limp, and your scalp may be itchy or irritated. Furthermore, hard water can affect color-treated hair, fading the color more quickly and causing further harm that can result in breakage or thinning. Hard water can also make skin feel dry and or sensitive because of soap forming a film over the skin that is difficult to rinse. This film can also cause irritation.

To fix these issues with hard water, consider using a water softening system to alleviate symptoms of hard water. Additionally, if connected to a public water supply, send a water sample off to your city or state health department for testing.

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