Cut Down Your Water Bill Cost


After the holidays and the expenses that go along with them, your wallet might be a little lighter than normal. Everyone is looking for ways to cut down on spending this time of year. Why not start by minimizing your water bill? There are plenty of ways to be mindful of your water use to cut down on that bill. This will not only help save you money but saving water can help the environment as well.

Helpful Tips for Water Usage

The kitchen is a place frequently visited by everyone in the household. Follow these easy tips to cut back on water usage in this area:

  • Make sure the dishwasher is fully loaded before you run it.
    It takes a lot of water to run a cycle. By only running the dishwasher when it’s full, you will cut back on cycles and preserve water. What if a dishwasher is unavailable to you and you must wash by hand? If you have a double bowl sink, try filling up one side of your sink with soapy water and rinse on the other side. This prevents the need to run water continuously while washing.
  • A faucet aerator can also reduce water usage in the kitchen. This won’t reduce the water pressure but will add air to the water flow. This helps limit the amount of water in the stream.
  • Try a compost pile. The in-sink garbage disposal requires a lot of water to run properly when adding solid waste to your septic system. A compost pile for food waste will not only reduce water consumption but will also benefit the environment by putting organic materials back into the earth

The bathroom is another area with inevitable water waste. Avoid excessive and unnecessary flushing, as it takes a lot of water for this process. Toilets represent about a third of one’s home water consumption. So, think twice before throwing that tissue into the toilet versus the trashcan. Consider installing a water-saving shower head and cutting back on the time you spend in the shower.

Start Your New Year Rights

Starting a new year by repairing any leaks. This will prevent water waste and damages down the line. Ten percent of American homes have water leaks and waste up to 90 gallons of water per day, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Contact Ben Franklin Plumbing to have one of our experts come and tighten valves and repair leaks to reduce water waste.