How Rain Effects Your Plumbing


Spring is right around the corner, and with spring comes unexpected rainstorms. Heavy rains can back up sewer lines, leaving homeowners with inches or even feet of water-waste in basements, garages, and other parts of the house. Backups are not always the result of a faulty home sewer system, but rather that of an overworked public drainage system backing up into your home. This issue could potentially cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in clean-up, so being proactive can save you time and money.

Guarding Against Sewer Line Backups

Here are a few tips about what you can do to help guard against sewer line backups:

  • Sewer trap plugs: Sewer trap plugs can be damaged or ill-fitting which are relatively inexpensive to replace. This small device could potentially save you tons of money in damage costs down the road if in good condition.
  • Backwater check valves: Backwater check valves on individual plumbing fixtures, especially ones located in the basement, should be installed if your home sewer system is also used for stormwater. A backwater valve ensures that water only travels in one direction, averting excess water from entering your home after a substantial rain.
  • Standpipes: In a moderate backup situation, a standpipe or floor drain plug can work to halt the backup at the source.

Regular maintenance on your home plumbing can help prevent sewer line backups caused by heavy rain; however, if you do run into a backup issue, contact Ben Franklin Plumbing as soon as you can to get the problem resolved.